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Broads Management


The Broads Authority is responsible for the integrated management of the waterways, including conserving and enhancing Broads wildlife at the same time as managing navigation. For example, the number of motor boats on the Broads has created problems for the fragile aquatic environment. Boat wash has damaged riverbanks, and the situation is worsened by polluted, cloudy water. The silt which has been washed away from the banks gathers at the bottom of the waterways, increasing the need for dredging so that the rivers and broads remain navigable.


Many of the Broads are privately owned. Some of these are privately managed, like Salhouse Broad, or are managed by organisations such as the Broads Authority, Natural England or Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Due to conservation purposes, some areas (Bure Marshes, Hoveton Great Broad) are closed to navigation and have no access for the public.

Like Hoveton Great Broad, a number of these areas have board walks and nature trails which run along part of the broad or marsh, and overlook it so that the beauty and nature can be observed without affecting the habitat.


For information on guided tours offered across the Broads, please visit our Tours and Events pages.

The Broads.
Broads Management.