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Canoeing Permissions


Private canoeists/kayakers must be aware that river tolls are required in order to canoe/kayak on the Broads. If you are a member of the British Canoe Union, you must display your registration number and carry your membership card on you instead of a paying the Broads Authority river toll.


As a canoeist, you are not exempt from restricted access areas. Whilst we all like to explore those nooks and crannies, dykes and ditches of the Broads, if a sign says private no access, or there is a chain across the mouth of a dyke, you must not cross it. Particularly, this advice regards your own safety. A lot of the areas privately owned around the Broads employ a game keeper and often host days of shooting quite close to the water. And you are trespassing. Most restricted areas are restricted for a reason, whether it be conservation or otherwise, so please make sure you abide by these rules.

Launching your Canoe


In some cases it is not as easy as rolling up to the edge of a river and putting your canoe in the water. Some places ask for a launching fee and others have restrictions on the size of vessels launched. Have a good scout around for directional signs or ask an official for the area- countryside ranger, parish council, Broads Authority etc. If in doubt, contact your local centre who can provide you with details of a number of safe places to launch your canoe and park you car.


To learn more about the wildlife on the Broads, check out our Canoeists’ Wildlife Guide or one of the helpful websites listed in that section.

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