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If you’re planning a Canoe trip on the Broads, here’s where you can check the latest weather - just to see if you need a waterproof or not!


Even if it’s raining, we’re always happy to welcome our visitors, and we’ll even give you a plastic bag for your sandwiches if it rains.The worst weather conditions for canoeing are strong winds and storms. Check with your centre to see if they are hiring on a windy day- some areas are more exposed than others so you may find that it’s sheltered on one Broad but blowing a gale on another. We’ve got your safety in mind so please bear with us in certain weather conditions.


Remember, seasonal opening times and different return times may apply at different centres. It’s a good idea to check with your Hire Centre before hiring. Just visit our Contact Us page.


For a more in-depth weather report, please visit BBC Weather.

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